Deyshia Hargrave, Louisiana Teacher Arrested At School Board Meeting, Speaks Out | TODAY

A Louisiana teacher who questioned a school superintendent’s salary raise was removed from a school board meeting, then handcuffed, and the incident was caught on camera. In an exclusive interview with NBC’s Tammy Leitner, Deyshia Hargrave says it’s “sad” that it took a woman being forcibly removed from a meeting to get people engaged. She says her students who saw the video were “fine, so I’m fine.”

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Deyshia Hargrave, Louisiana Teacher Handcuffed At School Board Meeting, Speaks Out | TODAY
  • 4catsnow

    People should bring brooms and dust pans to the next school board meeting....some housekeeping needed....

  • Laboucane Dennis

    Nothing like a job where you give yourself a raise.Great.I think ill give myself about 30000$

  • Irfan Beig

    I have 2 kids in the school. I totally agree that Teachers work very hard and are underpaid. Salary disparity is a big problem in this society.All support to teachers

  • Joe Reyes

    No way 30k it isnt fair false arrest is? Give the money back!!!!! Theif

  • Jason Roberts

    Shameful superintendent

  • Lynne Horner

    Things are vary wrong in this country of our's" vary wrong !, This teacher or anyone else had the right to speak up , she was not rude to the superintendent ,when she was asked to leave she did not raise her voice, or to the officer she went out quite,what this officer did was underhanded all around even to this other women in front of the building .this superintendent and officer plus the school board wear vary much in the wrong.When people end up with to much power over others it really goes threw there heads , this power become's vary( scary) and( evil ).

  • CrucifyRobinHood


  • pagansforbreakfast

    There are many videos showing similar arrests of people who go a few seconds over their allotted minute to talk at a county board or city council meeting.

  • Kelsey Strouse

    6th place in the district? He sure didn't do that all by himself so why is only HE deserving of a raise? OF $30,000 A YEAR? AT ONCE? Yet NO Teachers were brought up to their pay scale? And he doesn't see the problem? Seriously?

  • Kathleen Byers

    And he's a big p*#sy too.

  • Floyd PattersonII

    She wasn't arrested for questioning the superintendants raise...she was arrested for not sitting down when they asked her to. It was shocking that they arrested her for that. But .....follow the rules and you won't have to endure the embarrassing consequences. If you look at the see the board saying "alright that's enough". That's when its time to keep your mouth shut...and ponder another way to make a statement...maybe organize and get a protest going.. or try to get some media attention to leverage your position. But to ignore their order to sit down....unfortunately caused her some embarrassment. Funny how the media spins it to headline "Teacher arrested of speaking her mind"...when it was really for not following the meeting rules.....typical


    the guy does not a raise. should be fired.

  • Xyz Same

    He is upset because he got a lot of backlash - good. - If he thinks he needs to be better paid - go to into the private sector and see what you are "worth" to an employer. Why would HE get a raise when the whole system is defunded. And if the school performs well - who delivers that performance - ideally he mananges the teachers so that they together with the students create that performance.He does need some skills - but an ADMINSTRATOR does not need to "walk on water" or be "especially creative" or have "unique skills". A lot of people could do the job - would they get the position (which begs the question HOW or with which connections !! does one get into such a position ??). Other managers have to meet sales targest or need to have a product ready (meeting some criteria) or train staff - he has nothing like those challenges to meet. I would assume every good fast food restaurant manger has a more challenging job - and might be paid much less.Nor does he have to deal with the really difficult situations (in the classroom with the students). He has to deal with orderly adults mainly (and if they do not show sufficient obedience he will use a Marshall to have them arrested. Big deal.

  • Leo Hodapp Sr.

    What bothered me about the superintendents statement was, he was playing the victim card. Who got arrested and who got a $38,000 dollar pay raise. Do you expect people to believe that?

  • shilohtlw

    I would like to know how many people have an issue with this but okay with tamir rice, trayvon martin, freddie gray, or eric garner.

  • Pro Design

    Why is that officer not fired yet????

  • Carlos Rubio

    so sad history , Good teacher ,stand up

  • Jonathan Sanchez

    The superintendent does not deserve a raise. This is disturbing that he does not listen to the teachers in his district.

  • Dana Chapin

    Louisiana has the worst school system in the country. Apparently the most poorly trained police force too. That's what this crocodile tears "superintendent" ought to be concerned with. This creep goes on to talk about "fairness to families". Firing the cop and the superintendent and using their salaries to give teachers a raise would be fair.

  • Corey Morrell

    Cry me a river. You should have let her talk and you should have stopped her arrest. You are a coward.

  • Beth DeRoe

    Tears after the fact, bet he still accepted his raise.

  • Elaine Finn

    More elitists mindsets. She did nothing wrong !!

  • Erika Olvera

    The guy literally tried to change the subject by bringing up his family during the interview and it looked that he was forcing himself to cry.


    If this freak is a man, then i am ashamed to be called one. this is the pussifaction of the American male at its finest.

  • Carol Palmisano

    She was not out of place with her statements. That's what these forums are for. This policeman was totally out of line and reminds me of backwoods justice that has always been used to serve people with power and renders the general public with no justice. Thank god for the video so justice can or should be served . The school board should be held accountable

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