Friedrich Nietzsche had a particular fondness for a concept called (in Latin) 'amor fati', a Stoic acceptance of one's fate and a commitment to embrace reality, in all its beauty and pain.
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“One of the strangest yet most intriguing aspects of Friedrich Nietzsche’s ideas is his repeated enthusiasm for a concept that he called amor fati (translated from Latin as ‘a love of one’s fate’, or as we might put it, a resolute, enthusiastic acceptance of everything that has happened in one’s life). The person of amor fati doesn’t seek to erase anything of their past, but rather accepts what has occurred, the good and the bad, the mistaken and the wise, with strength and an all-embracing gratitude that borders on a kind of enthusiastic affection…”

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Mike Booth
  • incubrian

    if only youtube animated videos with soothing accents existed, then my words could fall upon worthy ears..." ~ friedrich nietzsche *(seriously nice video guys :)

  • Gonzalo

    Please talk about Silvio Rodriguez !!!!!

  • Doguinho Da Silva

    That's some nice revisionism.

  • Holly boop

    Amor fati is the only conclusion someone can reach after many troubles and suffering, just as said to retain mental sanity.

  • Rafael D

    fatum brutum amor fati.

  • Karl Striepe

    Straight up Buddhist: self-negationand all that jazz, and unsurprisingly, so given the influence of Schopenhauer on Nietzsche, as Schopenhauer wore his Buddhism om his sleeve. Still one wonder what is original to Nietzsche.

  • The School of Life

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  • LPArabia

    The concept of Amor Fati is similar to that of Qadar Acceptance in Islam and the positive look at what destiny and what life throws at you.

  • Sumita Singha

    Buddhist concepts of 'Honin Myo' from this moment on (i.e. not looking back) and 'value creation' i.e. creating value from where we find ourselves, are similar concepts

  • irtheLeGiOn

    How very Stoic of Nietzsche.

  • Fábio Francisco

    Amor is love in Portuguese

  • Chip Gibbons

    There's a philosophy called Theofatalism that sounds very similar to some of these ideas. It says that everything is as it should be because if it could be another another way it would be another way. Oddly, if we have the desire to change things or exert control over our situation, that fits as well because we're just acting as we must. Not sure I buy it but it's an interesting idea that can free one from a lot of fretting. I really enjoy these videos.

  • XxSweety07xX

    I needed this. Thank you.

  • Mohammed Ahmed

    Yea, no shit Nietzsche lmfao

  • John Bonnice

    Nietzsche as Stoic. Nietzsche is the philosophers equivalent of a Rorschach test. Inspiration for Fascists, Nazis, Capitalists, Socialists and liberals.


    Stoicism>Amor fati

  • Danna Gonçalves

    Coloquem legenda em português, please!! ☺

  • Tamer Alamir Hasan

    love your work , i hope we can see more of this type of videos on Sartre similar ideas

  • Daft Punk

    If only you'd made a video about Lou Andreas-Salomé

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