What Will A Nuclear Blast Do To Your Body?

Hopefully, we won't see a nuclear war ever again. But what would happen if you were caught near a nuke?
Watch more: Could Humans Survive A Nuclear Apocalypse? ►► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNNnwF42Icg

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  • Jovanni Ramos

    Fucking disintegrate you!

  • Sandy Webb

    Please pronounce "Nu-cle-ur" correctly - no such word as "New Cue Lur" - otherwise thank you for the clear, accurate video

  • EmaraldGaming 763

    What happens if rust or a rusted object is inserted into the human body? (What can rust do if it's inside of you?)

  • Chetanya dutt

    does movie down sizing make any sense ??

  • Audible Magician

    It will kill you, it'll just kill you

  • Snarlie Narlie

    These message is made for Donald Trump

  • TheDamnNinja

    Kim jong un should watch this 😂

  • Brutha Dnubian

    I've never heard someone pronounce nuclear and nucular that many times in a few minutes haha.

  • Roblox Poe Poe

    Just so you know, humans ACTUALLY made these weapons.

  • burning Godzilla 2042

    Could fossils come back to life?

  • James Tinsley

    Whats wrong with you people? , Did you fall asleep in science class!! This guy is freakin retarded.!!!!!

  • İlhami Aslansoy

    Shouldn’t this change bomb to bomb? We could be using Davy Crockett(smallest nuclear weapon, 20 tonnes of TNT), or Tsar Bomba(largest nuclear weapon, designed to be a 100 MT blast, but ended to be 50-60 MTs), what changes?

  • Life Noggin

    Hey there! Thanks for watching! Sorry about my pronunciation of nuclear. I literally cannot get it right no matter how hard I try. I promise It's really frustrating for me as well. 🙃🙃🙃 Hope you enjoyed the video. Wanna watch more? Check out Play Noggin: https://youtu.be/UNNnwF42Icg

  • Snarlie Narlie

    Why take sudden interest now, in nuclear blast? *cough* TRUMP!!

  • Wes Taylor

    you forgot fragmentation

  • Jenna Kou

    I like how this is posted a couple days before a ballistic missile warning in hawaii

  • SlothPaints

    This is why I wish to become a cockroach.

  • WhaT_a_Rainy_day

    I keep imaging him just reading this from a quick Google search, or that's just what I do...

  • BackwardsCombatable

    15 seconds in and already mispronounced "nuclear".

  • TheM Blue_Zone777

    Face it your going to die

  • Kim Jong-un

    The whole population of Hawaii is now playing Fallout

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