Why Samoa Skipped December 30, 2011

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  • jude nelson

    1:28 “britain invented time” hold on there mate, i think you just skipped over a whole video in itself

  • Jeel Patel

    India also has a time of +5:30 North Korea isn’t unique lol

  • FastCarsNoRules220

    What if you drove a DeLorean in Samoa and put December 30th, 2011 on the time circuits?

  • noah koz

    About calling this channel just as interesting

  • Wolfe2318

    North Koreas decision wasn't only to be unique, how are you going to say that then put an article title that contradicts such a statement

  • Omar De Icaza

    You feeling funny today huh?

  • Harmless House

    TIL Britain invented time

  • player3prime

    Taiwan marked as a part of China #TRIGGERED

  • bd79

    Do many more videos (if you have the time and mood to do it) it's so fun to learn this new things! I totally have fallen in love with your channel.

  • TDLF Mapping

    Hallo SamoaWould you mind If ISurprise Anchluss?

  • Useful Advice

    Nice Chinese map at 2:32

  • Ryan Chen

    Why did u include Taiwan in China’s map? It’s a independent country yo, get ur facts right!

  • Jenna Jen

    We just need to get rid of time zones because that would be easier than all of this

  • Andy Moon

    2:30 how is the Philippines part of China?????

  • Subat Mdr

    What about those who had birthday on Dec 30? Are they a year younger?

  • gurbir bhullar

    Well this chennal has wrong name... it is double interesting and brief... i like this style

  • Pen BFDI

    Because they wanted to enter the new year even more quickly. Makes sense?

  • Alain Fornes

    Thats my birthday :(

  • AReallyLingName You'reWastingYourTimeReading

    Wait so why the fuck is my birth day on international bacon day but I don’t eat bacon

  • Drew McMurry

    Holy smokes that was a reach for the ad, but by God you stuck the landing.

  • Smiley Ramon Happytime

    Does anybody know the music's name?

  • Daniel Reid

    "oi bugger off m8" is Australian

  • The PineApple

    Or you could live in NZ, no flight required haha

  • Don Segafredo

    Is there (2:22) an allusion to Austria's new government which includes a strong right wing party (FPÖ)? ;)Well, up to now Austria didn't yet introduce weird time zones like North Corea but never say never... :))))))

  • JoshCombat643

    I'm close enough to New Zealand (East Australia)

  • EqualsThreeable

    1:28 Britain invented time? Good to know.

  • yang heng

    what's the background music?

  • Teddy Radko

    best line joke in history



  • Harmless House

    Why wouldn't they skip December 31st instead?

  • mawa ali

    The prime minister ii...the prime minister Lol 😂

  • liam is a savage

    "to get to new Zealand you will need a flight" jokes on you I live in new Zealand

  • Chekov Chekov

    Woah this brain fucked me

  • Shahmir Shamsuddin

    I only watch their videos just for that smooth ad transition

  • amal zuhair

    Maui stole December 30th so now Moana is traveling the seas to get it back

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