10 Letters We Dropped From The Alphabet

Think you know the English language? Here are 10 letters folks used to use, but didn't quite stand the test of time. Elemenopee, my homies.
  • Phuong Dang

    Đ (đ) still exist in vietnamese (sadly?) idk how to explain its pronunciation in english but... a really heavy D?

  • Bruce Forte

    Up in Norway, we still use æ. We also use å and ø.

  • ge937

    Visually speaking this is your best video yet

  • Red Green

    We don't need more letters we need more punctuation marks

  • {Hello world}

    You should do a throwback to the days you made Stanley parable tutorials

  • Gastón Goddard

    a b c d e f g h i j k l m n ñ o p q r s t u v w x y z &


    I will use all of these in the next essay that we write in school

  • Warcries

    Becoming the defacto letter that we know today as double v.

  • Ahmad Azmi

    uu=w hmmm...... uu=DOUBLE U

  • Árni Björn Þórisson

    We in iceland still use þ, ð and æ

  • DANK.central

    Austin on the trending page,I feel like a proud parent

  • moristar1101

    Cyrillic languages used letter "з" ("З") (not 3!) without any issues whatsoever. Also, Scandinavian languages are still full of same sounding and really usefull Æ Ø Å and other. Recongition of this letters is a pure habit. Sadly, English writing is not as phonetic as Norwegian or Ukrainian (but luckily more phonetic than French!)

  • ZBlade952

    Hey I think what you do on your channel is really good, I love hearing your stories even though the two main projects that you have made videos on have actually failed they were still interesting stories to hear. I like the fact that when talking about the film that you tried to make you didn't blame the other people for it not really working out, you put a lot of blame on yourself and I think that is quite commendable. One thing I admire about you and the way that you conduct yourself is that you aren't ashamed to admit your shortcomings or the things that you are bad or were bad at doing. You accept that you tried things and they didn't work the way that you wanted them to and you are able to look back on the projects that you have done and they way you conducted yourself and you have been able to look critically at your own work. Sorry that this is a bit of a ramble but this seemed like the best way to get in contact with you. I have always wanted to start writing but unfortunately I can never think of a story to tell but you have taught me that not every failed project should be viewed as just a failure.

  • PikPobedy

    Only kings, pregnant women and people with parasites can use "we"

  • Lamont Coleman

    Honestly I’ve always used the ampersand just because I knew nobody else did at school, damn it’s hard being such an edgy trendsetter sometimes y’know

  • old guy that parks backwards

    What about that c with the deelybob under it so it sounds like an s ?

  • Dan s

    Our brilliant children. They do enormous amount of homework and the kids are always studying. I am amazed at the language skills of our studious kids. Congratulations kids, keep up the good work.

  • Babito Vincenze

    Can we please kill off the letter C? It's stupid. Lets bring back one of these!

  • Lorryslorryss

    y^s video is ſå ᵹood. þ^u did ƿell Austin :D

  • Boredman567

    Some words with the "gh" sound didn't make it silent, but instead changed the sound entirely. Hence why we have words like "rough" and "tough", where it became an F sound. Also, in the name "Edinburgh", it was even changed into a vowel sound (ed-in-burr-uh)

  • King Yo

    I'll just speak in binary.01001000 01101001

  • Mr Cage

    What about the at letter @ symbol

  • Evil Kienevel

    what about ñ and ng?

  • Tim Beaton

    Alexander Gill.... is that why we have the typeface named Gill Sans?

  • Colin Mikhail SINGSON [08M1]

    Am I the only one that tries to imagine other letters to put in our alphabet or other colours or just me

  • AreYouOP

    7:53 hmmm... Alexander gill, Gill Alexander , ALEX THE GREAT who gets the refference? :P

  • ragdolllibby

    I vote bring them back!

  • SilentBudgie

    I þink we should start using þorn again. Who's wiþ me?!

  • Tamás Prileszky

    We need fewer letters, not more! Get rid of 'C'! It's useless!

  • John Smith

    why do people call the abecedary 'alphabet'? alphabet = greeks

  • Avery Lazar

    Þ, Æ, Ö are still a big part of the Icelandic alphabet. æ and ð are literally just lower case Æ and Þ.Along with á, é, í, ó, ú,

  • Connor Stafford

    "Oh yeah I have words". Ha! that's where I subscribe.

  • dlwatib

    So why did they decide that Y was a suitable substitute for Þ? They look and sound nothing alike. Ȝ got replaced by Z because the lowercase script z looks a lot like the lowercase ȝ. Then people started pronouncing it like a z and we ended up with names like McKenzie.Æ and Œ are just ligatures, aren't they? What's the evidence that they were ever considered distinct letters of the English alphabet? Also, I don't think ſ was ever considered a distinct letter from s, just two different ways to write the same letter, the same as a and g have two different forms depending on the font. Note that the long rule about when to use long s doesn't work in the word loſt where ſ is the only s in the word. In truth, printers used whichever letter form they wanted, either randomly or based upon personal aesthetics.

  • bipola telly

    i'm a chick ya' sexist bastanado!

  • your cat

    I would love for thorn thorn to be re-added. It seems like the one letter that would actually make sense to be reintroduced

  • Justin Reitsma

    M Y L I F E I S A L I E

  • Agent Zero

    So, how you all doiŋ?

  • Keegan Riley

    We gotta bring back thorn.

  • Angus McCarthy

    If you think about it. The alphabet doesn't need to be in order.

  • TheMrME1

    Þ, Ð and Æ are all still used in Icelandic, btw

  • Emil Søndergaard

    Æ is definitely a letter here in Denmark together with Å and Ø

  • Antony T Curtis

    æ and œ are still used in British English except that we would spell out aether or foetus but use it as a typographic ligature because æther and fœtus looks nicer on paper in the same way that th and fi are often combined.

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